Warmly Congratulate Our Company and Qingdao Tianneng Heavy Industry Group on Successfully Signing the Order and Delivering the Goods on Time

On July 23, in this blazing season, good news about our successful cooperation with Qingdao Tianneng kept coming. This new contract is the second cooperation between our company and Tianneng Group. In order to meet the needs of customers, in the case of tight time and heavy tasks, all front-line employees worked overtime, completed the production tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed, and completed the loading according to relevant regulations. With the number of transport vehicles with full load of goods driving at the gate of the factory area, the company delivered many sets of automatic painting equipment as scheduled.

Affected by the epidemic previously, the company's order volume has decreased accordingly, and previous orders have been delayed to varying degrees, which has greatly impacted the traditional market. Then the company made positive decisions to determine a series of measures such as how to adjust business ideas in a timely manner, maintain traditional markets and open up emerging markets under the new situation. Finally, the effort did not disappoint the people who wanted to work. This successful signing of the bill has won a key victory in overcoming the epidemic and returning to work for a new stage of production, boosted confidence, encouraged morale, and injected new vitality into the company's development.

The smooth cooperation with Qingdao Tianneng is, first of all, the customer's recognition of Zhenyu's product quality. At the same time, thanks to the good control of the domestic epidemic, it creates conditions for the development of the enterprise. Although the time is tight and the task is heavy, with the joint efforts of front-line employees working overtime, all production orders have been completed at present, and in the strict inspection process of the Quality Inspection Department, all test data fully meet the factory indicators. Busy but not disorderly, busy but orderly. Although the order volume is large, the production is busy and the pace is fast, our quality has not declined. Each set of equipment will be inspected in multiple processes before shipment, because it is our company's principle from beginning to end to ensure the product quality with strict standards.

From the early factory field visit to the successful signing of the contract and smooth delivery, Zhenyu Company has ensured the orderly development of cooperation, won the trust and support of customers, and established a long-term stable cooperative relationship with customers with its strong enterprise strength, excellent product quality, and high-quality service guarantee. This cooperation will also further enhance the brand influence of Zhenyu Company, enhance customers' confidence in further selecting Zhenyu Company, and lay a new foundation for the long-term and stable development of Zhenyu Company.

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