Warmly Congratulate Dalian Tianneng and Shangdu Tianneng on Their Successful Commissioning and Acceptance

After more than two months of joint efforts and cooperation from all colleagues of the company and Tianneng, the projects of Tianneng Dalian and Shangdu plants have been officially commissioned and accepted recently.

This cooperation is the second cooperation between our company and Tianneng Group. In order to meet the needs of customers, we successfully completed the production tasks under the condition of tight time and heavy tasks, and completed the final commissioning acceptance according to relevant regulations. Especially in the Shangdu project, wulanchab City, where Shangdu is located, was suddenly hit by the epidemic, which caught us all off guard. Fortunately, after more than a week of efforts, the people of Shangdu joined hands with us Zhenyu people and Tianneng people to overcome the challenge of COVID-19, which fully reflects our determination and amazing cohesion in fighting the epidemic.

After the epidemic, in order not to delay the production tasks of customers as much as possible, all front-line employees worked overtime to complete the installation and commissioning tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed, which achieved a key victory, boosted confidence and boosted morale.

From the early factory site inspection to the successful signing and acceptance, Zhenyu Company has ensured the orderly cooperation, won the trust and support of customers, and established a long-term stable cooperative relationship with customers with its strong enterprise strength, excellent product quality, and high-quality service guarantee.