Privacy Policy

This website belongs to, and is administered by, ZHENYU Group Oy and/or its affiliates (“ZHENYU” or “we”).  By using this website, you accept the contents of the terms and conditions below.

1. Copyright

Copyright to the material on this website and the software available here belongs to ZHENYU. We permit you to view and download materials from this website solely for your personal, non-commercial use. This permission does not entail any transfer of rights to the materials or software.

In addition, this permission is granted with the following limitations:

1. Indication of copyright and other protected rights must be maintained.

2. No changes to the materials are permitted.

3. No materials may be copied, reproduced, broadcasted, transferred, or transmitted in any way. 

2. Trademarks

Trademarks and logos on this website are the property of ZHENYU. You do not attain any form of licence or permission to use trademarks and/or logos without our express consent. 

3. International users, applicable law and venue

We do not guarantee that the materials on this website or the products described herein are applicable or available in all countries.

These terms and conditions are subject to Finnish law. Disputes in connection with these terms and conditions and with the use of this website shall be resolved by the district court in Helsinki, Finland.

4. Privacy Policy

4.1 Purpose and legal grounds for processing personal data

If you provide your personal data to us in order to: 

a)  order our newsletter, our purpose for collecting your contact details is so we can provide you with a service, improve the newsletter and let you know about our products and services;

b)  send contact request, our purpose for collecting your contact details is so we can answer to your contact request;

c)  order our reports and/or guides, our purpose for collecting your contact details is so we can provide you with a service and send you the report and/or guide requested by you.

Additionally, if you provide your personal data to us, we may store and subsequently process this data to understand your specific needs, and thereby improve our products and services or to educate on and promote relevant products and services to you with the conditions described below. 

Consumer business: In the context of consumer business related personal data the processing of personal data is based on the explicit consent given by the data subject. 

Business customers: In the context of professional and business-related personal data the processing of personal data is based on our legitimate interest. We only apply direct marketing based on the legitimate interest to persons who are typically deciding based on their position (“B2B”) or preparing decisions on the acquisition of products and services we offer.

In addition, we may ask you some necessary information required for identification in order to fulfil your rights as a data subject. 

4.2 Personal data

We do not collect your identifiable personal data (i.e. name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address) via our website, unless you have personally provided such data to us. Additionally, in the context of consumer business, personal data is processed after receiving an explicit consent for processing such data. If you do not wish to have your personal data registered, you must refrain from providing this information and/or consent to us. 

Personal data collected by us may, inter alia, include the following types of personal data and their changes and is always separately based on the nature of the relationship and collaboration between you and us:

First name, last name, title, job and / or other work-related information, telephone number, email address, postal address, IP address, age bracket, gender, company name represented by the registered person, previous ZHENYU-owned website activity history.

For using cookies, please see the Cookie Policy. 

4.3 Regular sources of information

We collect personal data primarily from you if you provide us with your information via our website or otherwise contact us. We may collect personal data also though cookies.

4.4 Cookies

We use cookies to gather information concerning the use of our websites.

You can manage and disable cookies via our Cookie Policy. For further information please visit our Cookie Policy page. 

4.5 Retention period for personal data

Personal data will be kept for as long as necessary taking into account our business needs or as long as data subject unsubscribes, or the removal of personal data is asked for. Personal data will be kept in accordance with the local applicable legislation. 

Unless the user requests to remove personal data earlier, we maintain personal data for B2B purposes as long as the user is employed by an organisation. If the user’s tasks change so that he/she can no longer be targeted for marketing measures or newsletters, his/her contact details are either removed or anonymised. However, it is the user’s responsibility to inform us of the change of his/her tasks.

4.6 Your personal data rights

You have the right to request a copy of your personal data in the register. The request must be made in writing to the e-mail address mentioned in this privacy policy.

You also have the right to prohibit us from using your personal information if there is no legal basis for processing your personal data. You also have the right to request us to restrict the processing of your data. Additionally, you have the right to request us to correct incorrect information and to request us to erase information about you. Requests for the above items must be made to the above-mentioned contact details. You also have the right to file a claim regarding the processing of your personal data to the data protection authority. 

To exercise one of your rights as a data subject, please fill-in the form below and send it to the Data Protection Office, either by mail or by email. Do not forget to attach the documents validating your identity.

Data Protection Request Form

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. In Finland, this supervisory authority is the Data Protection Ombudsman. You can find the Data Protection Ombudsman’s website at tietosuoja.fi.

4.7 Changes to the privacy policy

We have the right to, from time to time, change this privacy policy and its policy to process the personal data according to the applicable legislation. 

5. Exemption of liability

All available content on this website, including information, materials, functions and software, is made available as it is found, without any express or implicit guarantee of any kind with regard to the use, applicability, or suitability for specific purposes. 

We do not guarantee that the information on this website is correct or complete. Nor do we guarantee the dependability of recommendations, assessments, instructions or other information that is available on or through this website. We may at any time make changes to the information, services and software that is available on this website, as well as the products described herein, without us thereby assuming any responsibility.

Use of this website is at the user’s own risk. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for losses that can be attributed to the use (or lack of ability to use) of this website, including malfunctions, errors or omissions in the information, services or the software that is available on the website. Nor can we be held liable for virus attacks caused by the use of the website. 

This limitation of liability applies for all losses, direct or indirect, including lost earnings, operational losses, loss of data, programs or other data on the user’s data processing system. This limitation of liability applies even though we have expressly been made aware of the possibility of damages.

We assume no responsibility for websites belonging to others than us, which the user can access from this website. Use of such websites is therefore solely at the user’s own risk. 

We are not responsible for the user’s use of this website’s content, including in relation to violating third party rights by using this website or its information/functions.