Automatic Spray Painting Line
Automatic Spray Painting Line

Automatic Spray Painting Line

Steel structure buildings are widely used in various industries. Because of their complex shapes, Most of the anti-corrosion coating work was done manually. The on-site VOC emissions are large, resulting in high environmental pollution and serious harm to the health of workers.

We have designed an automatic spray painting line system that can solve most steel structure spraying application scenarios and provide a practical and feasible solution for the steel structure spraying industry. If you want to know more about automatic spray painting lines, or automatic paint spraying lines, Please do not hesitate to contact ZHENYU automatic spraying equipment manufacturer.

Main Features Of The Steel Structure Automatic Spray Painting Line Machine

Main Features Of The Steel Structure Automatic Spray Painting Line Machine

An automatic spray painting line machine makes it easier to input the parameters

The operation mode of the automatic spray painting line machine is changed from the traditional manual input of parameters to a digital processing system based on the 3D model, the automatic spray coating line automatically retrieves component parameters to design the coating spraying path.

Main Features Of The Steel Structure Automatic Spray Painting Line Machine

Automatic paint consumption calculation

Before automatic paint spraying linework starts, the automatic spray system automatically calculates the overall paint consumption of this work according to the component parameters, quantities, and specified coating thickness. The automated paint spray systems provides it to the painter in advance for guidance.

Main Features Of The Steel Structure Automatic Spray Painting Line Machine

Efficient the automatic spray painting line machine

The automatic spray painting line machine sprays the bottom and upper area of the component at one time, avoiding the secondary turning action and saving time waiting for hard drying before the turning action, the automatic paint spraying equipment greatly saves working time and improves the utilization rate of the workshop space.

Main Features Of The Steel Structure Automatic Spray Painting Line Machine

Automatic spray painting line machine quality assurance

Automatic paint spraying line machines' pressure, spraying angle, distance, speed, and other important parameters are set in the best state, avoiding the defects of paint mist particles and uneven thickness, missing coating, sagging, and other defects caused by manual spraying, and ensuring the consistency of quality.

Main Features Of The Steel Structure Automatic Spray Painting Line Machine

Environmental protection of the automatic spray painting line machine

This automatic paint spraying equipment has its own air circulation system, which is connected to the VOC treatment system and the treatment efficiency is greatly improved. The solid paint mist particles are collected and treated in a centralized manner, which keeps another part of the workshop clean and tidy. The automatic paint spraying line machine reduces the labor intensity of paint workers and reduces occupational hazards.

Key Components and Technologies in Automatic Paint Spraying Lines

Key Components and Technologies in Automatic Paint Spraying Lines

ZHENYU automatic spray machine factory is a leading company in the field of automatic paint spraying lines, providing advanced and efficient solutions for various industries. The key components of their automatic spray painting line include a loading and unloading system, a pre-treatment system, a drying oven, a spray booth, and a curing oven.

The loading and unloading system is responsible for the smooth transition of products into and out of the line.

The pre-treatment system prepares the surface of the product for painting, ensuring optimal adhesion of the paint. 

The drying oven removes any residual moisture from the product before it enters the spray booth, where the actual painting takes place.

The curing oven then hardens the paint, ensuring a durable and high-quality finish.

ZHENYU utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as PLC control systems for precise operation, and advanced filtration systems to ensure a clean and safe working environment. Their automatic spray painting lines are designed for high efficiency, consistent quality, and minimal environmental impact.

Types of Anti-Corrosion Coatings for Steel Structures

Anti-corrosion coatings for steel structures are primarily divided into two categories: metal anti-corrosion coatings and resistance to seawater corrosion coatings.

  • Metal Anti-Corrosion Coating: Our automatic spray coating line is adept at applying metal anti-corrosion coatings, which boast excellent rust resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. They offer superior heat resistance and can withstand sudden temperature changes. Our automatic spray system guarantee a consistent, high-quality application, enhancing the longevity of your steel structures.

  • Resistance to Seawater Corrosion Coating: For structures exposed to seawater, our automated spray booths, including automated paint booths and automatic spray paint booths, are perfect for applying resistance to seawater corrosion coatings. These coatings provide excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and resistance to media permeability. Our automatic paint booth ensures a controlled environment for optimal coating performance, making it suitable for industrial zones, chemical plants, coastal areas, and more.

Protecting steel structures from the harshest environmental conditions, our automatic spray painting line offers unparalleled efficiency and precision. Our automated spray coating systems are designed to apply these coatings flawlessly, ensuring long-lasting protection and durability.

Steel Structure Anti-Corrosion and Surface Treatment Method

Steel structures are the backbone of modern construction, offering unparalleled strength and versatility. Effective anti-corrosion and surface treatment methods are crucial to ensure their longevity and safety. Our automatic spray painting line is designed to provide comprehensive solutions for these needs.


  • Surface Preparation. Before any coating is applied, the steel surface must be meticulously prepared, such as removing contaminants and surface defects. Our automated paint spray systems are engineered to deliver precise and consistent surface preparation, setting the stage for optimal coating performance.

  • Metal Protective Layer. One effective method for anti-corrosion is the application of a metal protective layer. This involves using electroplating, spraying, chemical plating, hot plating, or permeation plating to form a protective metal or alloy layer on the steel surface. Our automatic spray coating line excels in applying these layers, ensuring a uniform and durable finish. The automatic spray system and automatic spray booth provide a controlled environment, enhancing the quality and consistency of the protective layer.

  • Chemical Protection Layer. Another method involves forming a corrosion-resistant compound film on the steel surface through chemical or electrochemical processes. This layer isolates the metal from corrosive media, preventing corrosion. Our automated paint booths are designed to handle these complex processes with precision, ensuring a high-quality chemical protection layer.

  • Non-Metal Protective Layer. For additional protection, non-metal protective layers such as paint, plastic, and enamel can be applied. These materials form a protective film on the metal surface, isolating it from corrosive elements. Our automatic paint spraying line is ideal for applying these non-metal layers.

Anticorrosive Coating Thickness Standard for Steel Structure

Ensuring the longevity and durability of steel structures in various corrosive environments requires the precise application of anti-corrosive coatings. Our automatic spray painting line is designed to meet these stringent standards, providing consistent and reliable coating thicknesses that adhere to industry requirements.

  • Understanding Coating Thickness Standards. Anticorrosive paint serves to slow down the corrosion of protected materials through shielding, corrosion inhibition, and cathodic protection. Different corrosive environments necessitate varying thicknesses of anticorrosive paint to be effective.

  • Precision with Automated Systems. Our automated spray coating systems are engineered to apply these coatings with precision. The automatic spray coating line ensures that each layer of paint meets the required thickness, whether it’s for low, medium, or high corrosion environments. Utilizing advanced automatic spray systems and automatic spray booths, we provide a controlled environment that guarantees uniform application and optimal protection.

  • Quality Assurance with Paint Thickness Gauges. A dual-purpose gauge is suitable for both iron and aluminum and is widely used for detecting the thickness of steel structure coatings. Our automatic paint spraying line integrates seamlessly with such quality assurance tools, ensuring that every application meets the specified standards.

  • Application Across Various Environments. Our automated paint booths are designed to handle the rigorous demands of different corrosive environments.

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