Automatic Spraying Machine


At present, our company's products have started business successively in more than 10 provinces, such as Tianjin City, Guangdong Province, Shandong Province, Liaoning Province, Gansu Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and more than 20 well-known domestic enterprises. Some of them have also developed very deep and lasting cooperation with our company, and expressed their satisfaction with our products, technology and services.

About ZHENYU Technical Support Instructions

Through years of technical research and development, the automatic spraying equipment designed and manufactured by our company can not only meet the requirements of customers for product surface quality, but also ensure the saving of paint consumption, reduce paint loss, fundamentally reduce the environmental pressure of enterprises, and also take into account the convenience and safety of operators in maintenance and use.

In terms of design, the actual process and specific requirements of customers shall be comprehensively considered, and the accuracy of the process and the rationality of structure shall be ensured with advanced design concepts and scientific and reasonable layout, so as to achieve human-computer coordination, convenience and simple operation, product quality up to standard, and normal and stable operation of equipment. On the basis of ensuring the functions of the automatic paint spraying equipment, the company pursues the beauty, durability, and practicality of the equipment's appearance, so that it can truly become an excellent and practical artwork that integrates the corporate culture and the company's strength, and be displayed in front of customers.

At present, our company has successfully developed the first domestic controllable steel structure intelligent spraying robot, equipped with independently developed control software, which can cover most steel structure components. The first wind power tower automatic spraying robot in China can not only replace manual work but also far exceed in quality and beauty. It solves the problem of paint waste to a certain extent from the root and makes contributions to environmental protection.

Automated Spray Painting Machine
About the Instructions and Precautions of the Automatic Spraying Machine

About the Instructions and Precautions of the Automatic Spraying Machine

Environmental Protection

Our company's automated spray painting machine production line is equipped with waste gas, waste treatment devices, and has passed the occupational health and safety management system certification, environmental management system certification, so there is no need to worry about environmental protection.


Our automatic spraying equipment has been proved and tested many times, and has been put into use in the Chinese market for many years. It has been very mature, and has passed the quality certification of many domestic and international institutions and organizations including the ISO 9001 quality system certification.


The R&D team of the company, led by professionals engaged in anti-corrosion engineering for spraying operations for more than 10 years, has now applied for 26 patents, including four patents for invention, eleven patents for utility model and eleven patents for soft work.

About Automatic Spraying Machine Quality Monitoring

About Automatic Spraying Machine Quality Monitoring

As a domestic head automatic spray coating machine manufacturer, Zhenyu Company has always had high requirements for product quality. Many test standards even exceed the industry standards, which greatly ensure the high quality and reliability of products. Before leaving the factory, each piece of equipment must undergo a very rigorous test in the laboratory. The test items include mechanical operation test, software operation test, etc. It is precisely because of such strict testing standards that the "vivo quality" is created.

About ZHENYU After-Sales Service Instructions

About ZHENYU After-Sales Service Instructions

  1. If the customer finds any problem with the equipment during use, he/she should call the after-sales service telephone of the company in time.

  2. After sales personnel receive the call, record the customer's company name, equipment use location, equipment factory number, contact person, contact number, and record the problems described by the customer in detail, and make an appointment with the customer for a telephone return visit.

  3. After sales personnel will feed back the recorded situation to the person in charge of production, and the Production Department will organize relevant personnel to analyze the problem and develop solutions.

  4. After the maintenance personnel arrive at the site, they first analyze the causes of the equipment problems.

  5. After the repair is completed, the relevant person in charge of the user shall sign for confirmation.

  6. After returning to the factory, the maintenance personnel should truthfully report the situation to the production department, and send the paper form to the after-sales personnel, who should make records and archive them for future inquiry.