Wind Turbine Coating Machines

This product is divided into inner wall auto spray painting machines and outer wall wind turbine coating machines. It is mainly composed of spraying host, touch screen operation part and wireless operation part, and controls the operation of the equipment through software. The auto spray painting machines and wind turbine coating machines of Zhenyu automatic spray machines factory can automatically spray different types of wind power towers, saving labor and paint, and accurately control the film thickness.

Steel Structure Auto Spray Painting Machines

The spraying construction of H-type, circular, box type, column, and beam can be realized. Zhenyu automatic spray machines factory can also construct the corbel at different positions in the same plane. Small pieces of the same shape (about 200mm width/diameter, regardless of length) can be centrally planned and placed in the operation area for one-time three-dimensional construction. In the main control computer, the operator only needs to input x, y, and Z coordinate parameters, and the spraying action will be automatically called. In principle, we carry out non-standard design according to the requirements of customers. At present, the Zhenyu automatic spray machine factory can design and manufacture a maximum passing width of 2.3m and a maximum spraying construction width of 2.0m. Auto spray painting machines can meet the existing steel structure market.

Anti-corrosion and portray works for metal shape flora and metal shape initiatives in building projects. 

Anti-corrosion and portray works for metal manufacturers, engineering metal and ships. 

Like the anti-corrosion and portray works of some meeting vegetation in development engineering. 

The wind tubular tower was protected by an effective protective coating system for anticorrosion function.
Why Choose ZHENYU Automatic Spray Machines Factory

Shandong Zhenyu Anti-corrosion Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2018 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating R&D and production. The main business of the company: automatic spraying equipment, ship and steel structure anti-corrosion maintenance and technical improvement, consultation, and service. 

Zhenyu Automatic Spray Machines Factory is located in the steel city of Jinan, which is known as the "green steel city", with a prosperous area and convenient transportation. At present, the main products are fully auto spray painting machines for the inner and outer walls of wind power tower and steel structures, which is the first in China and has independent intellectual property rights. The project successfully solves the practical problems existing in the traditional spraying process and Zhenyu automatic spray machines factory leads the revolution of the auto spray painting machines industry!

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What Clients Say about ZHENYU Automatic Spray Machine Factory

Auto spraying robot improves protective coating quality greatly and eliminate the coating defects induced by manual spraying, which is critical to our wind turbine equipment worked in the marine environmental


We benefited a lot from Auto spraying robot such as protective paint savings, harmful VOC gas emission reduction and environmental protection.


Zhenyu provided the practical solutions to automation upgrade in our paint workshop, bring the working conditions with safety and healthy for the paint workers.

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